Postcards EP

by Matthew Ross Smith

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released November 1, 2011

The Postcards E.P. is meant for those “in between” times. These songs are best with your headphones on, moving through a crowd. Or on a bus, head against the window, watching the scenery blur by.

That’s how all these songs were born. On a long, exhausting, cross-country journey. Each is a little postcard sent from a faraway place, telling a simple story.


All songs written by Matthew Ross Smith and Steve Schaller.

Produced by Steve Schaller, Matthew Ross Smith

Performed by:

Matthew Ross Smith (vocals, guitars, piano, samples, percussion)
Steve Schaller (guitars, vocals, bass, accordion, piano, organ, samples, percussion)
Mary Tuomenan (vocals)
Geoff Baker (violin)
Dave Dormond (guitar)
Josh Fullam (drums)
Mike Gordon (bass)
Mark Henderson (percussion)
Colleen Schaller (percussion)

And introducing The Soul Smithstas:

Janet McNeil (vocals)
Mellanie Lassiter (vocals)

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Steve Schaller at Mainframe Studios

Mastered by Michael Harmon at Studio Crash

Album Cover Photo by Arvil Prewitt
Album Design by Pixel+Pen

Special thanks to Phil Le, Andrew Christiano, and Jason Finau for their creative direction; to Mary Folino for the duds; to Georgia for the doodles; and to all the musicians who played on the record.



all rights reserved


Matthew Ross Smith Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Matthew Ross Smith is a writer, musician, teacher and the creator of The Spaces Between Your Fingers Project.

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Track Name: Skiffle
Lemme tell you ‘bout a girl I know
Back in ’57 sixteen years old
Took her to the dance that was on that night
When the band came on she was shakin’ that

Finger in the air “who you think you are?”
Then I drove her home in my daddy’s car
Kissed her on the cheek same time next week
And when the band came on we was shakin’ our

Hips all wild, oh my my
The nuns in the hall had to hide their eyes
Been over 50 years, since that night
When the walls were a shakin’ / go on shake it tonight

Some days 50 years can seem so long
But it all fades away when I hear that song…
Track Name: Tiny Miracles
There once was a girl who was locked in a tower
She was all alone
She hummed out a song
when the darkness would come
But the words, she did not know

Now far from the tower with his ear to the ground
A boy deaf and dumb
Sang out the words
and though no one had heard
Still he smiled, at what he'd done...


There once was a girl who lived on the moon
She played violin
She waited all day
'til the world turned away
Then she played again

Now far down below where the ships come and go
A new wave is born
From the coin that I threw
though the wish didn't come true
Still the wave it rolls on
(it'll always roll on)...
Track Name: Wave Me On
It’s been a long time comin’
But baby I’m comin’ home
My bags are packed
I’m ready
If you see me out there
On a west-bound passing train
Just smile
And wave me on

It’s been a long long winter
But springtime’s comin’ on
The leaves are all in bloom
If you see me out there
‘mongst the blue birds in the sky
Just smile
And wave me on

I wrote a long long letter
But baby it won’t be long
‘Til I hold / you in my arms
If you see me out there
‘mongst the embers of the fire
Just smile and know

I’m coming home.